November 11th, 2010

Soccer Rectal Exam

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Can anyone explain to me what is going on in this picture? Looks like some sort of proctology exam.

In my opinion, about 90% of cops think they are above the law and can basically do whatever the hell they want. Case in point, just watch this video and see how they start clubbing a downed man with their night sticks. Sure, he was an asshat for disrupting the game, but there was absolutely no reason to start beating him. He was already down on the ground and could not move or pose a threat to anybody.

Thankfully soccer hooligans are not cowards, and this transgression against one of their own did not sit well with them. Just watch what happens after they get riled up. It does not end well for the dirty pig cops.

September 12th, 2010

ECW Chair Throwing Incident

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Probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen happen at a pro wrestling event. Things obviously got a little out of hand.

The best is how they start yelling for the crowd to stop throwing chairs, but they just keep coming!

I was hoping he was going to get trapped under the ice, but no such luck.

Watch this video where Jessica Kastrop, a sports presenter for Sky in Germany, becomes an internet hit after being struck on the head by a stray shot during a live interview.

Apparently she was uninjured after the hit.

Here’s an oldy, but a goody. Zidane gets removed from the World Cup Final 2006 after headbutting Marco Materazzi. What a dumb ass.